Kids Program

Learning art as a child sparks a lifelong passion for creativity! We offer classes for kids 5-12 in drawing, painting, mixed media and animation.



Drawing & Painting (Ages 9-12)

Using predominantly paper and canvas and working from life as well as printed references, students will gain an understanding of a variety of drawing materials and techniques. Pencil, charcoal, markers, as well as acrylic paint and various painting tools such as palette knives will be explored. This class is perfect for students who want to improve their observational skills, draftsmanship, colour mixing and brush handling.

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Drawing (Ages 9-12)

Drawing is a time-honoured tradition that dates back to the origins of art itself. Students will learn the foundational skills needed to begin to translate the three-dimensional world they see around them onto a two-dimensional page.

Techniques include how to compose effective art pieces, how to use shading to capture the form of an object and how to use colour to bring their art pieces to life.

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Mixed Media (Ages 9-12)

In this class, we will combine a variety of tools, mediums and substrates to create exciting, dynamic, creative works of art. Glue guns, masking tape, sponges and other tools will be explored as well as traditional substrates like canvas, and non-traditional surfaces such as aluminum panel and Yupo paper. Experimentation is encouraged in this class. Unleash your creativity and learn how to express yourself with a wide range of skills and materials!

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Cartooning (Ages 9-12)

This course introduces the drawing techniques widely used in animation & film production. Students will learn cartoon drawing and improve their basic fundamental skills by drawing cartoon characters faces and bodies, animals, plus develop their imagination as they create diverse characters and themes.

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Crafty Kids (Ages 5-8)

This class is for kids who love to try new and different things! Kids will expand their creativity, learn new skills, and bring their ideas into reality by using their hands to form objects created with a variety of materials including fabric, cardboard, wire, paper, recyclables, and clay and Paper-Mache.  Projects include mask, jewelry/charms, toy design, bowl making and magnet art.

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2D & 3D Illustration (Ages 9-12)

This class is for kids who want to develop their own style from character design to storytelling.

While learning the fundamentals of sketching and character design, kids will be encouraged to develop their own fun ideas and stories inspired by other cartoons, comic strips and animated cartoons. Demonstration on paper-Mache and clay allows kids to make their character into 3D. Class projects will include comic strips, zines, a shadow box and clay animation.

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Animation (Ages 9-12)

Animation is the art of bringing imaginary characters and stories to life through drawing. In this course, students will learn the basic principles and steps of animation using various methods including thaumatropes, flip-books, and stop motion.   Students will explore the principles of animation hands-on and apply them to their own original ideas. When pencil meets paper, anything is possible.

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