Developing the Leaders of Tomorrow

Youth Initiative Vancouver (YIV) is a non-profit organization registered by the BC Provincial government. Committed to providing a solid platform for high school and college students to be more active and involved, YIV gives students opportunities to enhance their leadership, execution, communication, and teamwork skills.

Encouraged to make full use of their individuality, passion, and talent, students explore innovative ideas to advocate and organize community and social events. These experiences provide volunteer opportunities that are important when applying to top universities. Most importantly, YIV hopes that all student participants learn to become leaders, give back to society, and enter the university of their dreams. 

President – Lucy Zhu

Name: Lucy 

Position: President

My name is Lucy, and I was born and raised in Shanghai, China until I moved to Vancouver a few years ago. I am a St.John’s school student who will be a Grade 11 this year. I am passionate and outgoing, and I hope to lead the YIV group in many positive initiatives. Outside of school time, I enjoy painting, traveling, and being with friends. As the president, I hope to lead YIV members with my dedication and bring YIV to an even better stage.

Media Manager – Ting Ting Wang

Name: Ting Ting

Position: Media Manager

My name is Ting Ting, I came to Vancouver a few years ago from Beijing, where I was raised. I will be a grade 11 student at Crofton House School for the upcoming school year. As the media manager, I will be responsible for updating the social media and the current events for YIV. During my free time, I enjoy biking and hanging out with my friends in nature.

Human Resource Manager – Tiffany Li

Name: Tiffany Li

Position: Human Resource Manager

Our doors are always open to students who are interested in helping others during their free time. In return, we will provide recognition of volunteer hours. As an open-minded and helpful person, I would like to welcome students from different places to join YIV as members while bringing warmth to people who are in need. It would be my pleasure as HR Manager to see your volunteer application in the future and we are looking forward to meeting you!

Design Manager – Shirly Li

Name: Shirly Li

Position: Design Manager

My name is Shirly. I was born in Beijing, China and came to Vancouver a few years ago. I am currently a student studying in Point Grey Secondary school. I enjoy drawing,  designing, and all creative things. I would be responsible for designing part of the YIV  group.I will try my best to contribute to this group.

Secretary – Moon Zhou

Name: Moon Zhou

Position: Secretary

Hello, I’m Moon. At present, I’m an international student and from Beijing, China. I’m in grade 10 in Magee Secondary School. I’m a helpful person, so I hope I can help those in need through YIV. My hobbies are drawing and dancing. I’m very dedicated to the volunteer time I spend with YIV as secretary.

Project Manager – Yoshier Hu

Name: Yoshier Hu

Position: Project Manager

My name is Yoshier, an observant and productive youth, currently the Project Manager of YIV. I will be a Grade 10 student for the 2020-2021 year at McRoberts Secondary. Aspiring to learn new knowledge and skills, I hope to grow with the YIV members and thrive with our team. During my leisure time, I enjoy dancing and photography. 

Human Resources Assistant Manager – Sheila Wang

Name: Sheila Wang

Position: Human Resources Assistant Manager

My name is Sheila, and I’m the YIV Human Resource Assistant Manager. I’m a friendly and approachable individual who is passionate about baking, dancing, and drawing. As the Human Resource Assistant, I am responsible for all jobs concerning public affairs such as inviting new volunteers to join YIV and seeking possible project cooperation opportunities. I look forward to meeting you all!

Design Assistant – Max Han

Name: Max Han

Position: Design Assistant

My name is Max (Yaoqing) han. I’m an 11th grade student at Sir Winston Churchill secondary school. I am very optimistic and easy to get along with. My interest is photography.

Become a Peer Tutor

In this difficult time, I hope that all of you can lend people in need a helping hand! Our tutoring program also will help kids whose parents are busy from work, especially those families who are first in line fighting against the virus, those hospital angels who need help to take care of their children. Let’s put our hope and care into action, and allow this meaningful experience to bring you some personal growth as well!!

How to apply is really simple: your name, school, grade, and the subject(s) that you are interested in tutoring for, and send to [email protected]

Get Involved Today!

Volunteer Opportunities

We are always looking for talented volunteers to help out in lots of different areas in AOMA.  

If you have a special skill to contribute please apply! We have opportunities available in events, camps, community outreach and as assistant volunteers!

How to Apply

1 – Email us at [email protected]

2 – Include your resume!

3 – Write 1/2 to 1 page on why you’re interested in becoming an AOMA volunteer.

4 – Finally, let us know if you would be interested in one of the four leadership roles listed above. If not that’s OK too! Just include which particular area of volunteering you’re most excited about or put “generalist” to help out everywhere. 

Why Youth Initiative?

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