2022 Class Schedule

Our Spring 2023 art course schedules are here!

Our portfolio preparation schedule and our Studio Art & Design class run throughout the school year with art camps over Christmas break, spring break, and summer holidays. For more information phone AOMA at (604) 564-2408. 

Our online and in-person courses will help students get a creative advantage and keep their artistry flowing during the school year. Registration information is below.

Art Course Schedules

Featured Courses

Ages 13+ (See schedule for more classes)
Ages 9-12 (See schedule for more classes)
Ages 5-8 (See schedule for more classes)

Registration & Payment Method

Download the registration form by clicking below. Fill out the pdf, sign it, and email the completed document to [email protected]

You can pay with E-transfer to [email protected], or you can pay using WeChat pay with the scan code below.