Teens Program

We offer a solid foundation of artistic skills to teens who wish to grow their interest in art or prepare them for post-secondary art education.

Painting 1

In this introductory course, students receive step-by-step instruction and exercises to give them the tools and knowledge to create dynamic, well-executed paintings. Learn paint application techniques, color theory, space and composition, as well as the structure of the human face, and composition for still life and landscape. Abstraction and expressionism will also be covered.

Painting 2

Students will learn how to draw and paint what they see, as well as express themselves in their own creative way. Students will learn about creative concept development, and employ practical studio techniques like shading and using shapes to capture the form of an object. Traditional and contemporary painting practices will be explored to help students create strong, convincing paintings.

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Oil Painting

In this course students will explore abstract and contemporary painting including abstract expressionism, image abstraction, optical art, early and neo expressionism, and post-modernism.  In class, students will be introduced to oil and abstract painting by mixing primary, secondary and tertiary colours, using various tools and methods such as the pallet knife and brushes, gestural brushstrokes and mark marking, dip, scrape and splatter paint techniques.  Students will gain hands-on experience through in-class exercises and projects.

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Advanced Painting

Building on skills learned in Painting I and II, students will employ techniques from glazing to impasto painting, while expanding their knowledge of acrylic mediums and application methods. Expressive palette knife painting, dripping, splattering, as well as more controlled modes of application like dry brushing, scumbling and hatching will be explored to help students develop their own style, creativity and personal expression.

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Life Drawing

Upon completion of this class, students will have an increased understanding of human proportion and anatomy as it relates to visual art.  In addition, students will gain an understanding of how to depict figures in a surrounding environment and situation.

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Life Drawing 2

In this class, students will build upon the techniques learned in Life Drawing 1, and in addition, explore new drawing media and further develop their observation and rendering skills.

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Drawing Level 1

This course inspires and builds students’ skills and confidence in drawing, especially in compositional, structure and shading. The students will learn to create meaningful scenes and tell stories using everyday objects, as well as use a variety of shading and mark marking techniques.

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Drawing Level 2

This course builds upon the techniques learned in Drawing I. Students will advance their skills in drawing and continue developing three-dimensional and spatial sense plus perspective ability.  Completion of projects is required.


Graphic Design (Ages 13+)

The course explores communication through design, synthesizing art, and technology. Students will learn how to combine words, symbols, and images to create a visual representation of an idea and/or message. Elements and principles of art as well as the basics of relevant software will be explored. ​This class teaches the basics of Graphic Design through an illustrative and corporate view.

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Intro to Art Histroy

Being able to talk and write about art is an essential part of being an artist. From university applications and critiques to classroom discussions, artists need to be able to discuss their work.  This course is an introduction to the process of looking and talking about art. Each week historical artworks are selected and discussed, focusing on the aims of the artists, the technical skills, visual references, and proper use of vocabulary and terms. By course end, students will apply the knowledge attained by bringing in and discussing a piece of their own art, with the aim that students leave the class with a well written and considered artist statement about their work.

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Learn to understand the developmental history of photography and appreciate the works of photography masters, photographic style and types. Instruction includes an understanding of contemporary photographic concepts, plus the basics of photography techniques, lighting, composition, and photography post-processing. 

Photography study includes: indoor portrait, landscape, street photography and more.

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In this course, we will learn the principles of hand-drawn 2D digital animation. Bringing the characters and stories that we imagine to life through drawing is the art of animation. Students will experience a hands-on understanding of animation and have the opportunity to create an animated project from their own original ideas.

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Studio Art & Design

Studio Art and Design is designed for students who have the fundamental foundation skills in art.  Under the guidance of an instructor, students will gain hands-on practice and expand their creativity designing and executing one or more fine art or applied art projects of their choice.  In a studio setting, students are encouraged to experiment, develop their skills and analyze their work, as well as share ideas and brainstorming techniques with both the instructor and other students. 

This course is designed for students in Grade 9 and up, prior to entering Portfolio.  An entrance assessment must be completed before registration into the studio course.