Aoma Introduction


To be Vancouver’s premier Art Academy.


To inspire, guide, and educate talented art students on their way to achieving their goals and dreams.

Our Value:

AOMA is focused, above all else, on quality of product.

Professional instruction from talented & experienced instructors. Benefit statement : Let the most educated, engaging and experienced teachers guide your art education.
In-depth course curriculums from industry experts. Benefit statement : Learn the best techniques and processes within a structured and balanced environment for your course of study.
High quality university level portfolio instruction, review, recommendations and university application assistance. Benefit statement : Give yourself the best chance of getting accepted to the art institution of your choice.

Quality supplies and tools. Benefit statement : We invest in quality supplies because we know your tools are important to your education and creation.  

The Academy of Modern Art (AOMA) is a Vancouver-based art education institution dedicated to transitioning art and design students to their post-secondary school of choice.

We train and guide passionate art students that are on their path to top art and design post secondary programs across North America and Europe. Our instructors include university professors, designers, artists and curators. They are all working professionals with first-hand knowledge and experience in their field of expertise.

AOMA’s teaching methods and art curriculum is designed by leading education experts and consultants. AOMA’s Young Artists Program provides recent art and design college graduates with internship and working opportunities. We believe these young and innovative new graduates contribute in a positive and meaningful way to AOMA’s development.

Our unique education system aims at assisting students to realize and achieve their full potential. AOMA students are equipped with professional competitiveness, artistic literacy, and a comprehensive understanding of their field of interest. Enrolling in some of the World’s top art and design institutions are dreams that AOMA is devoted to helping local and international art talents achieve.

Our “O” has a special meaning that represents the spirit of AOMA.

Passion | Creativity | Drive | Success