International Cartoon Competition

The 2020 China International Children’s Cartoon Competition is now receiving submissions – and due to Covid-19 the deadline has been extended to May 31.

Grab your drawing paper and brush and create something special. Enter this competition to see your art published in our books and magazines and get noticed by art enthusiasts around the world!

Previous Cartoon Contest Entries & Winners

Themes for 2020:

1. Garbage Sorting

2. Giving Love

3. 5G Era

4. Working Together Against the Epidemic

5. Targeted Poverty Alleviation

Entry Requirements:

1)  Anyone under the 18 years old is welcome to participate.

2)  The competition is divided into two groups: Teenage Division (13 years and older) and Children Division (12 years and younger).

3)  Any format including single-panel, four-panel, comic strip and drawing book, is accepted. The size of a single work should not be smaller than 20×30 cm and not be larger than 40×55 cm. Multi-page submissions should be less than 8 pages with a minimum size of 15×20 cm, a maximum size of 30×40 cm and should be bound in a volume. The submission should not be laminated, framed, or otherwise altered.

4) Each participant only can submit one work and the submitted work will not be returned to the participant. 

5)  Deadline of entries is May 31, 2020.

6)  Entry fee is 20 dollars.

Please send a cheque or remit the payment.
Account Number: 004705236567

7)  Participants must affix the “Participating Work Registration Form” to the back of each piece of work. The registration form can be downloaded from the website:

8)  All entries shall be mailed or summit to: 2408 West 41 Ave, Vancouver, BC, V6M 2A7

9)  The winners in the North America Division will be announced before the end of March and then will be sent to China for the final competition. The finalist will be announced in September 2020. 

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Cartoon Competition Posters