Ingrid Frauenstein

Ingrid holds a bachelor degree in Digital Art from the University of West London, UK. She has been a graphic designer and visual storyteller for more than 10 years, and has worked in the UK, Canada, and South Africa. Her core interests and expertise lie in design thinking, graphic design, illustration, and product development. She has a great love for design, design interaction and how design thinking combined with boundless imagination can change the world. Ingrid teaches Design courses at Vancouver Film School. She is a senior Graphic Design instructor at AOMA.

Ingrid毕业于英国西伦敦大学数字艺术专业,拥有10多年的平面设计和视觉创作的国际工作经验。Ingrid擅长教授设计思维、平面设计、插画和产品开发等课程,同时她热爱设计,并坚信设计与想象力的结合可以改变世界,也致力于将这种热情和开拓性思维传递给她的学生。Ingrid在温哥华电影学院 (VFS) 担任平面设计课导师。她目前担任AOMA现代艺术设计学院平面设计导师。