Youth Initiative

Developing the Leaders of Tomorrow

Youth Initiative Vancouver (YIV) is a non-profit organization registered by the BC Provincial government. Committed to providing a solid platform for high school and college students to be more active and involved, YIV gives students opportunities to enhance their leadership, execution, communication, and teamwork skills.

Encouraged to make full use of their individuality, passion, and talent, students explore innovative ideas to advocate and organize community and social events. These experiences are not only important elements that top North American universities look for in the admissions process, but most importantly, YIV hopes that through them, every student can become a leader, give back to society, and enter the university of their dreams. 

President – Elaine Zhang

Elaine Zhang – President
Little Flower Academy, Gr 11
Hobbies: Travel & Art

An active, assertive leader, Elaine has led many volunteer groups in the community with phenomenal insight and organization. 

Vice President – Sunny Sun

Sunny Sun – Vice President
Crofton House, Gr 10
Hobbies: Dancing & Painting 

An outgoing, enthusiastic leader, Sunny always brings great energy and ideas to the volunteer groups she leads.

We are looking for YOU! Leaders of Tomorrow!

Youth Initiative Vancouver (YIV) is a non-profit organization registered by the BC Provincial government. We are committed to provide a solid platform for high school and college students to be more active and involved. YIV provides opportunities for individuals to enhance their leadership, execution, communication, and team collaboration skills. We encourage them to use their full individuality, passion, and talent, and explore innovative ideas to advocate and organize community and social events. Through them, YIV hopes that every student will be able to become a leader, give back to society, and pursue their dream university.

YIV President:

  • Know the general overview of all activities or events YIV is involved in. 
  • Able to communicate with all other positions for suggestions and planning for further events.
  • Hold meetings regularly to keep track of all activities.
  • Be in most of the events in YIV is involved in.
  • Able to answer questions others may have. (well- know the YIV organization).
  • Able to communicate with other organizations/companies to seek foreign opportunities.
  • Ask for updates from each manager.

YIV Secretary#1 (Media): (秘书)

  • Able to make write-ups for all posts on social media.  (both eng & Chinese)
  • Keep track of all the events happening.
  • Able to communicate with other managers to announce recent activities in group chat. 

YIV Secretary #2 (Hour Counting): (秘书)

  • Keep track of the hours of volunteer work each member has done.
  • Be able to organize a google spreadsheet for YIV members to sign up for volunteer work.
  • *Work with HR to ensure all volunteers can access the spreadsheet.*

Human Resources (HR) Manager: (人力部)

  • To invite more volunteers in the YIV community.
  • Able to explain the job and events YIV is involved in.
  • Keep track of all volunteers in YIV, and ensure all members are active.

Project Manager: (项目部)

  • Operate all project YIV is involved with
  • Reading buddy system in AOMA (plan & run the activity)
  • TA (Teacher Assistant)

Learning Buddy (陪读)

  • Able to create/ execute positions for each volunteers involved with the project
  • Able to help with personal growth for each individual that’s involve with the activity

Public Affairs Manager: (公关部)

  • Able to seek other opportunities for YIV volunteers to join.
  • Able to communicate with the other organizations for YIV to join.
  • Keep regular social media posts for updates in group chat.  
  • To keep track of the hours of each volunteer 
  • Review the required hours of each volunteer

General YIV Members:

  • Able to actively involve all activities that YIV is in.
  • Able to respond to opportunities that YIV provides.
  • Keep up with all the events YIV social media posts.

Apply by answering…

YIV is choosing NEW POSITIONS for 2020-2021 and everyone is welcome to apply! Whether you are a senior student who needs experiences and leadership qualities on your uni personal profile, or a younger grader who wants to challenge yourself to take big responsibilities, it will be an experience that can enrich your high school life! So GO NOW AND APPLY!

  1. Who am I?
  2. Why are you suitable for this position?
  3. How can you bring benefits to the YIV community?
  4. What growth can you expand on your duty?

One paragraph 150-200 words each 

Due on April 10th, please send your application to [email protected]

Become a Peer Tutor

In this difficult time, I hope that all of you can lend people in need a helping hand! Our tutoring program also will help kids whose parents are busy from work, especially those families who are first in line fighting against the virus, those hospital angels who need help to take care of their children. Let’s put our hope and care into action, and allow this meaningful experience bring you some personal growth as well!!

How to apply is really simple: your name, school, grade, and the subject(s) that you is (are) interested in tutoring for, and send to [email protected]

2020 International Cartoon Competition

Volunteer or Enter the Contest: Our annual Cartoon Competition has many opportunities to gain valuable volunteer experience. Be sure to create an entry of your own to participate in this unique competition!

Click here for details

Previous Cartoon Contest Entries & Winners

Get Involved Today!

Volunteer Opportunities

We are always looking for talented volunteers to help out in lots of different areas in AOMA.  

If you have a special skill to contribute please apply! We have opportunities available in events, camps, community outreach and as assistant volunteers!

How to Apply

1 – Email us at [email protected]

2 – Include your resume!

3 – Write 1/2 to 1 page on why you’re interested in becoming an AOMA volunteer.

4 – Finally, let us know if you would be interested in one of the four leadership roles listed above. If not that’s OK too! Just include which particular area of volunteering you’re most excited about or put “generalist” to help out everywhere.