YIV – Executive Members

YIV is student-led by our wonderful Executive Members.


Name: Neil Hong
Position: President

Hello! My name is Neil Hong, and I hold the privilege of serving as the President for Youth Initiative Vancouver’s 2022 year. Looking back at my journey with YIV, every second of work seems to consolidate into a profound passion for community service, invaluable connections, and self-development. Leading the executive team, I hope to foster growth both interpersonally and in our initiatives to reach more community members. In my leisure time, I can be found brewing up dicey concoctions in the kitchen, binging musicals at unholy hours of the night, and aimlessly browsing the web. I look forward to new friendships, memories, and the most successful year of YIV yet

Vice President

Name: Elisabeth Lau
Position: Vice President

Hi! I’m Elisabeth, YIV’s Vice President for 2022, currently a grade 11 student at Crofton House School. My involvement in YIV began as a tutor, unaware that my experience would provide me with the lens of self-growth, leadership, and the value of helping others. This year, I hope to share my experiences and passions to help others find theirs’, while propelling YIV’s growth and missions. Besides volunteering, I enjoy exploring my creativity through graphic design and UI/UX, playing competitive and recreational badminton, and performing in the spoken arts. I look forward to connecting with volunteers, families, and supporting partners alike to collectively foster meaningful action within the community.

Vice President

Name: Yoshier Hu
Position: Vice President

My name is Yoshier, serving as the Vice President of YIV. I am currently a Grade 11 student for the 2021-2022 year at Hugh McRoberts Secondary enrolled in the French Immersion program. Aspiring to explore new knowledge and skills, I hope for personal growth with the YIV team while giving back to the community. As a leader in YIV, I wish to motivate more youth to exemplify their leadership skills through charitable acts to reciprocate our society. Finally, during my leisure time, I enjoy dancing and photography.

Director of Logistics

Name: Fred Yang
Position: Director of Logistics

Hi! My name is Fred Yang and I have the distinct pleasure of serving as your Director of Logistics for Youth Initiative Vancouver. I am currently a Junior at St. George’s School and this is my first year at YIV. In my spare time, I can be found flushing my 3-iron on the golf course, meticulously analyzing my NBA fantasy team, or binging the food show “Worth It” on an empty stomach. I hope that YIV 2022 will be a memorable and rewarding experience for all tutors and students alike, and look forward to making a beneficial impact on my community.

Human Resource Department

Human Resources Manager

Name: Yirui Tao
Position: Human Resources Manager

My name is Yirui, and I am delighted to serve as the Human Resources Manager for Youth Initiative Vancouver. I am currently a grade 11 student at McRoberts Secondary, and my involvement with YIV started with the Peer Tutoring Program, where dedication consolidated with a desire to contribute to our communities. The amalgamation of forged relationships and fervent enthusiasm to seek growth are defining aspects of YIV and aspects that elevated my experience with this organization. In my spare time, I can be found appreciating a new recipe, engrossed while reading a book, or adventuring in nature. I look forward to encouraging and establishing new bonds and working on programs to espouse community and kindle growth with YIV. 

Assistant Human Resources Manager

Name: Isabella Zhen
Position: Assistant Human Resources Manager

Hello! My name is Isabella Zhen, and I am currently a sophomore at Prince of Wales Secondary School. I began my time with YIV as a peer tutor, to gain experience in leadership and to give back to my community. For this year, I am pleased to serve as YIV’s Assistant Human Resources Manager. I look forward to working alongside my peers, and welcoming new volunteers to the organization! As for my time outside of YIV, I enjoy playing and listening to music of all genres, and meditating whenever I can.

Assistant Human Resources Manager

Name: Selina Tao
Position: Assistant Human Resources Manager

Hi! My name is Selina Tao and I am a Grade 11 student at York House School. I began my journey with YIV as a Math TA this summer. For this year, I am extremely excited to take on the role as the Assistant Human Resources Manager. With my outstanding organization and communication skills, I hope that I can give back to my community by welcoming new volunteers to YIV. At the same time, I look forward to working with my peers while having some fun! During my free time, I enjoy drawing, listening to music, and hanging out with my friends. Overall, I hope that by working with YIV I can strengthen my ties to the community and meet people with the same interests. 

Head of Math Assistants

Name: Shean Yusu
Position: Head of Math Assistants

Hello, my name is Shean Yusu! I am a grade 10 student at Sentinel Secondary and  the Head of Math Assistant at Youth Initiative Vancouver. I have always been passionate and interested in helping others, so I hope I can help TAs and students alike in the YIV community. From this experience, I also hope to learn more values and lessons that will provide me with new perspectives on the world to grow and mature as a person. In my free time, I enjoy expressing myself in creative art and design, as well as reading, writing, and analyzing books, stories, and poems. I look forward to my time as a part of the YIV community from today and onwards.

Admissions Department

Admissions Manager

Name: Andrew Li
Position: Admissions Manager

Hello! My name is Andrew Li and I have the privilege to be serving as the Admissions Manager at Youth Initiative Vancouver this year. As a junior entering his last years of high school at St. George’s School, I want to give back to the community around me through the peer tutoring program. I hope to make a positive impact on the tutors and students in my time here at YIV. In my spare time, I like to lay back in my chair and dive into a suspenseful sci-fi novel or a thrilling horror short story while sipping on a warm cup of oolong tea. I look forward to another amazing year with everyone in the YIV community.

Assistant Admissions Manager

Name: Emily Pan
Position: Assistant Admissions Manager

Hi, I am Emily. I am currently a grade 10 student at Crofton House School. I started out as a peer tutor for math and science at YIV. This year, I am YIV’s Assistant Admissions Manager. I look forward to connecting members of our community and giving them opportunities to learn new knowledge and skills. Overall, I hope to make a positive impact on our community. Besides volunteering, I enjoy reading about science, singing, and playing musical instruments. 

Communications Manager

Name: Fiona Zhang
Position: Communications Manager

Hi! My name is Fiona Zhang and I’m currently a grade 10 student at Sir Winston Churchill Secondary School in the French Prelude Program. I began my involvement with YIV as a peer tutor, gaining valuable skills in leadership and helping others along the way. For this next year, I am honoured to be working alongside this passionate team as YIV’s Communications Manager. Bearing in mind the wish to give back to my community, I look forward to giving more youth opportunities for leadership. During my free time, I enjoy dancing, playing the piano, reading novels, and watching movies.  

Marketing Department

Marketing Manager

Name: Aveary Che
Position: Marketing Manager

Hey! My name is Aveary (he/him), and I am the Marketing Manager for the 2022 Youth Initiative Vancouver team. I am a grade 10 Mulgrave International School student, and I will be 16 in February of 2022. Starting at a young age, I have always been very interested and passionate in the ways that brands and companies marketed and advertised their products or services. This interest has led me to where I am today, pursuing a marketing position in YIV, and being behind newsletters, posts, and even designs for the programs and opportunities that YIV offers! In my free time, I thoroughly enjoy the arts, whether it be singing, dancing, visual arts, fashion, or poetry, it’s always infatuating to find creative ways to express myself and my identity. I am thoroughly looking forward to expanding my knowledge in the business and marketing world, and continuing my work in YIV!

Assistant Marketing Manager

Name: Bobo Lyu
Position: Assistant Marketing Manager

Hello! My name is Bobo and I am currently a grade 11 student at Crofton House School. My YIV experience began with me being a peer tutor for a variety of subjects, including art, math, and English. Through the program, I learned many valuable skills and I hope to pass on my memorable experiences with YIV through my role as the assistant marketing manager this year. In my free time, I enjoy painting, dancing, and spending time in nature. I look forward to growing with YIV, expanding my skills, and supporting the community.


Name: Hana Margesson
Position: Ambassador

Hi, my name is Hana Margesson! I am a grade 11 student at Lord Byng Secondary School Art Mini. This year, I am honoured to take on a new role as the Ambassador for YIV. By utilizing my communication and public speaking skills, artistic vision, passionate personality, and enthusiasm, I hope to represent YIV in a positive light and help raise awareness about the importance of youth initiatives. Simultaneously, I will look for ways to energize our team and assist YIV in reaching new heights of recognition and success. Aside from my involvement with YIV, I enjoy dancing, singing, piano playing, figure skating, snowboarding, cycling, horseback riding, and traveling.

Media/Design Department

Media Manager

Name: Emmy Woo
Position: Media Manager

Hello! I’m Emmy, a Grade 11 student at Crofton House School. I can’t wait to help out as YIV’s Media Manager this year! It’s truly an honour to join the team and work alongside a group of enthusiastic and passionate individuals working towards the same goal. In my free time, it’s always fun playing Mahjong or cards with family and friends, exploring Adobe programs, or taking a nice nap! I’m so excited to expand my ideas and knowledge in the marketing and design field through this experience. Cheers!

Assistant Media Manager

Name: Gemma Yin
Position: Assistant Media Manager

Hi! I’m Gemma, the assistant media manager of YIV. I’m 14 and from Vancouver. I love art, and one of my new favourite media is graphic design. As the assistant media manager, I help design graphics, posters, and promotional material for YIV. I look forward to working with everyone and designing quality content in 2022!

Assistant Media Manager

Name: Lucy Lu
Position: Assistant Media Manager

Hi, my name is Lucy Lu! I am a grade 10 student at York House School. This is my second year as the Assistant Media Manager in YIV and I’m extremely excited to be a part of this wonderful community and get to meet new friends! With my creativity, determination, passion, and organizational skills, I hope to represent YIV positively to spread the word to others about our wonderful community and our young people’s stories. At the same time, I hope to gain valuable lessons that will enhance my personal growth and improve my skills to a higher standard. During my spare time, I enjoy golfing, reading books, photography, blogging, creating digital art, and watching movies!