YIV – Events, Competitions & Fundraising

Canadian Youth Visual Art Contest (CYVAC)

The 2022 Canada Youth Visual Art Contest (CYVAC) is hosted by Youth Initiative Vancouver (YIV), and co-organized by Academy of Modern Art (AOMA). The contest aims to encourage multicultural communication and philanthropic endeavors and to discover outstanding artistic and design talents around the world.

This year, we received 557 inspiring entries from 10 countries and regions. The winning art and design pieces were selected by our jury members who include internationally esteemed artists, top university art professors, admissions officers, and renowned senior-level competition judges. Through fundraising and a charity sale featuring winning pieces, $17,383 CAD was raised to benefit BC Children’s Hospital Foundation!


YIV is also committed to philanthropic endeavors. In the past, through successful events, we have raised funds for the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation to support the eradication of polio. This year, YIV will be raising funds through Canadian Youth Visual Art Contest (CYVAC). We will be hosting an auction of exhibited art and design pieces. All proceeds will be donated to UNICEF Canada as they aim to reach the most vulnerable children in some of the world’s toughest places.

Chinese International Children’s Cartoon Competition

This is the sixth year that YIV and AOMA will organize the Canadian entries for the Chinese International Children’s Cartoon Competition, Canada Division. As key organizers, we receive almost 1,000 entries each year, after which we coordinate an exhibition and grant awards to the winners.

Other Events

YIV also hosts other events, such as the 2019 Easter festival.