William Liao

William is a Senior Member of Federation of Canadian Artists, in the top 80 out of 2800 members. He worked as a senior pattern designer in top local fashion companies like Sugoi and Aritzia. William has won many international and national painting awards. He explores drawing and painting by combining traditional mediums with modern techniques and provides audiences with another dimension of experience. William is a painting instructor at AOMA.

William 是加拿大艺术家协会高级会员 (AFCA) ,在2800位会员中排名前80。他先后在Sugoi和Aritzia等本地知名服装公司任职资深图案设计师,负责设计方案审核和技术指导。William在各项专业展览和国际、国家级绘画类比赛中屡获大奖。他善于将传统绘画和现代技法结合,用变化多端的表现形式呈现在其作品中,并广受好评!William目前担任AOMA现代艺术设计学院艺术导师。