Sama Salehian

Sama Salehian – Creative Kids Instructor

Sama loved painting since a very young age and started teaching art classes while she was in high school. She holds several painting teaching certificates and was the specialist to examine other art instructors in Iran. She combined architecture and interior design with art creation and produced unique designs by using color psychology for designing walls and hidden lights in the most luxurious houses. After coming to Canada in 2011, Sama participated in different exhibitions and festivals, and her art was shown by national and local media such as CBC News. Sama is the kids creative art instructor in AOMA.

Sama不仅从小热爱画画,而且在高中时就开始教授艺术课程。她在伊朗是持牌艺术教师,也是教师考核指导。她巧妙地采用色彩心理学,将美术与建筑和室内设计完美结合在高档民用建筑的墙壁和隐藏的灯光设计中。2011年来到加拿大后,Sama参与了多个个人和集体画展和活动,她的作品受到了如CBC New等主流媒体报道。Sama目前担任AOMA现代艺术设计学院儿童艺术导师。