Roger Mitchell

Roger Mitchell – Education Consultant

Roger is currently the Head of Electronic Art, Game Design and Mobile Game Design Programs at VCAD. He is also the founder and Art Director at TigerShark Studios. since starting his career in the early 1990s, Roger released 16 games commercially, 10 of which achieved a ‘AAA’ ranking. He has worked with top industry designers like EA and Koei Japan developing 3D Games and multimedia projects. Roger is an experienced 3D art, animation program Instructor who has mentored over 1000 students in 7 years. His students successfully went on to employment with major game studio in europe, Asia and North America and some even created new independent game studios. Roger is an Education Consultant at AOMA.

Roger 是VCAD的电子艺术、游戏设计和移动游戏设计的项目负责人。他也是TigerShark工作室的创始人及艺术总监。90年代初Roger以开发16款游戏开始他的职业生涯,其中10款游戏达到业界最高级“AAA”标准。Roger曾在英国和加拿大的艺电(EA)和日本光荣(代表游戏《三国志》、《大航海时代》)等顶级游戏设计室工作。Roger是一位经验丰富的3D艺术、动画制作导师和3D游戏艺术家。他在7年内指导了超过1000名学生,现已成功创建自己的游戏工作室或受雇于欧洲、亚洲和北美的所有大型游戏制作公司。Roger目前担任AOMA的教育顾问。