Nicholas Waissbluth

Nicholas Waissbluth – Portfolio Expert

Nicholas is an award-winning architect and an adjunct professor, regular guest critic and member of graduate thesis committees at UBC School of Architecture. He foundered Waissbluth Architecture. Nicholas completed his studies in Architecture at Carleton University and went on to postgraduate research in Barcelona at the Institute for Advanced Architecture of Catalonia. Nicholas is actively involved in academic and critical discourse, having lectured at various conferences and academic institutions on the subject of digital architecture and community engagement. He is one of the Portfolio Expert Team members at AOMA.

UBC建筑系教授,研究生毕业论文答辩委员会成员,同时还是Waissbluth建筑事务所建筑师及负责人。Nicholas Waissbluth毕业于加拿大Carleton大学建筑系后赴巴塞罗那加泰罗尼亚高等建筑学院(IAAC)深造。Nicholas多年来一直活跃在建筑学术和研究领域,曾在多个学术会议和机构开设相关建筑讲座,在建筑设计实际应用、理论研究和教学方面都有丰富经验。Nicholas目前担任AOMA现代艺术设计学院作品集专家组成员。