Kerry Vaughn Erickson

Kerry Vaughn Erickson – Senior Painting Instructor

Kerry is a talented painter and art instructor. He is best known for his portraits and urban landscape paintings. Kerry has worked as a draughtsman, a graphic designer and illustrator. Having to clearly communicate a specific message and imbue it with feeling, Kerry found it was his experience in the commercial realm of art that helped him develop his representational and uniquely expressive style. Kerry has been teaching beginner to advanced painting courses since 2001, and has worked with various ateliers, schools and painting groups, such as VCAD and WPGA. Kerry is a senior painting instructor at AOMA.

KerryBC省维多利亚市一位非常资深的画家和艺术教师。他最擅长肖像画和城市风景画。Kerry早期从事制图员、平面设计师和插画家的工作,研究如何在作品中清晰表达特定信息,使之充满感情,同时提升作品的商业价值。Kerry这一独特的艺术表达风格受到了业界和绘画学生的一致认可。从2001年起,Kerry受聘于多家艺术学院(如VCAD)、私立中学 (WPGA) 及画室,指导各个程度的学生绘画,累计了丰富的教学经验。Kerry目前担任AOMA现代艺术学院油画和素描色彩课程的老师。