Oil Painting
Time: According to schedule
Ages: 12+

Students will explore their creativity through a variety of sketching techniques, learning the basic elements of how to draw in a friendly and supportive environment. Topics covered in the class are contour lines, shading, portraits and perspective. Students will also study elements of colour, tone, and form to create a balanced composition.



Time: According to schedule
Ages: 9+
Acrylic Techniques I & II & III
Time: According to schedule
Ages: 14+

Learn to use color studies to you advantage and to develop and enhance your paintings. Painting loosely and using color effectively we will paint strong dynamic paintings. Learning a few tricks to aid in your decision-making is part of the building of a painting, whether using limited color choices from transparent to opaque or by building layers of color. Andrew will demonstrate some samples of quick studies in acrylics, and will show how to develop further into finished paintings.



Adult Painting
Instructor: Huang Binbin
Time: According to schedule
Ages: Adults only

Working from simple images of nature, students will complete a few painting within one term. At the end of the course, you will have a collection of paintings and will have developed drawing skills, painting techniques and confidence to create work in your own choice of oil or acrylic.