December Newsletter

As the holidays get closer are classes are drawing to a close. We’re excited about all the artwork are students have made.

Read on for upcoming events, AOMA news, and courses.

2019 Student Art Exhibition

AOMA invites our students, parents, and instructors to come and see the progress and learning our students have done this autumn!

We will have art from each of our talented students on display. Come for amazing art, and holiday merriment!

Sunday, December 15
5 – 7 pm: Ages 12 & Under Exhibition Reception
7 – 9 pm: Ages 13 & Up Exhibition Reception

SCAD Workshop at AOMA

December 6, Friday, 4:00 – 6:00 pm

“Color as Light”

 Whether the media is painting, pastel or pencil, capturing the illusion of light is a challenge for anyone using color. This workshop will introduce the basics of color in representational drawing using chalk pastel, in which participants are encouraged to use the formal properties of color (hue, value, and intensity), as well as temperature, as a structural tool to create the illusion of form and depth.  

Dale Clifford 

Dale Clifford is currently the Dean of Academics at SCAD/Atlanta.

Aside from as an artist, Clifford has played an instrumental role over the past year in developing the updated portfolio rubrics to be implemented in the 2019-20 academic year.

Apron Design Contest

Our apron design contest submission deadline was November 22 and our judges have decided on our winners! Congratulations Carol Bao, Grace Hao, Rosie Zhang, Aimee Zhaothe, Oliver Lee, and Gemma Yin!

University Info Week

During University Info Week, we had presentations from 8 top schools from the USA and Canada.

We had recruiters from 8 universities giving us lectures about the application, and one-to-one portfolio review. The presenting universities were Pratt, SciArc, Otis, Calarts, OCAD, Concordia, SFAI, and College for Creative Studies.

Mobile Phone Photography Class

On November 4th AOMA hosted a lecture on mobile phone photography

The most popular photographer in the Chinese community, Roy Hoh came to AOMA with an exciting lecture about how to shoot creative and captivating photos on your mobile phone.

Here are some student photos from the Photography class. 

Adult Drawing & Painting Class

William Liao’s class is a combination of lectures and art practice. Students build skills on a strong foundation of theory and history with amazing results!

In Kerry Erickson’s adult art class, students learn how to draw and paint from life as well as from their imagination. The course offers a mix of lecture and practice and covers creative concept development, illustration techniques, as well as portrait, still life and landscape painting.

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