Arkgo Chen

Arkgo Chen – Portfolio Expert in Architecture

Arkgo holds a Master’s degree in Architecture from UBC, specializing in visual communication and urban ecology. As a Vancouverite, he is strongly inspired by his surroundings, which consists of divine nature and vibrant culture. He believes that the purpose of architecture is to contribute to the surrounding environment, to re-discover an identity to which it belongs, to re-establish experience that evokes memories, and to recall that “design” is to solve problems of the age. Arkgo was an intern architect in top architecture firms in Vancouver and Taiwan. Arkgo is now a young contracting designer and one of the Portfolio Expert Team members at AOMA.

加拿大英属哥伦比亚大学建筑系硕士,研究方向为多媒体感官建筑与社会可持续性发展设计。其毕业作品融合了感官科技、人文艺术和环境,曾刊登于杂志与多媒体平台 。 Arkgo曾在温哥华当地与台湾著名建筑师事务所实习并担任建筑设计师,在校是建筑系学生联盟 Architecture Connections 会长。Arkgo目前担任AOMA现代艺术设计学院青年签约设计师及作品集专家组成员。