Arkgo Chen


Arkgo Chen – Portfolio Expert in Architecture

Arkgo holds a Master’s degree in Architecture from UBC, specializing in visual communication and urban ecology. He believes that the purpose of architecture is to contribute to the surrounding environment, to rediscover an identity to which it belongs, and to recall that “design” is to solve problems of the age. Arkgo served as an intern architect in top architecture firms in Vancouver and Taiwan. He is a much-loved instructor who patiently guides his students towards success. He teaches modeling, installation art, and digital media for our portfolio students.

毕业于英属哥伦比亚大学 (UBC) 建筑系硕士,研究方向为多媒体感官建筑与社会可持续性发展设计。Arkgo老师也是在AOMA建校就开始辅导作品集学生,曾经担任美国康奈尔大学 (Cornell)、莱斯大学(Rice)建筑、英国建筑联盟学院 (AA) 等AOMA校友的作品集核心老师。他本身是一名极具才华的建筑师,同时也非常热爱教育事业。