April Newsletter

Our Spring term is in full swing with our students getting creative and working hard on their artwork. We’ve had a busy April and an exciting upcoming May at AOMA!

Read on for upcoming events, AOMA news, and courses.

Our next Kerrisdale Paint Night will be held on May 24 from 7:30 – 10:00 pm. Invite your friends for an evening of painting, snacks, wine, and fun!

Congratulations to our
Successful University Applicants!

We are so proud of our successful portfolio students! This year, AOMA has assisted students to be accepted to McGill, Carnegie Mellon, OCAD, UC Berkley, Washington University in St. Louis, Emily Carr University, RICE, and Berkley!

We also assisted SAT math students who received offers from Yale, Columbia, Brown, UC Berkeley, UCLA, USC, Chicago and more! Some of our SAT students received scores 780 and 790 – well above the benchmark!

We are so proud of how well our AOMA students have done and how hard they have worked this year!

We celebrated Easter together at AOMA with a day of fun with friends and family while supporting a great cause! We painted eggs, ate chocolate, and had fun! Guests bought books, clothing, jewelry, and our students’ beautiful paintings with all proceeds being donated to help eradicate polio.

Thank you to everyone who came out to share in the fun!

Student Art

Mixed Media

Kids painting animals and nature bursting with colour!

Drawing & Sketching

A cartoon character comes to life! Students capture Pinocchio in 3D form with light and shadows. Now he’s a real boy!

Still Life Drawing

Students dreamed of sailing as they draw a model sailboat from life! A boat is a challenging subject to capture with its subtle curves, we’re proud of our young students for doing such a great job!

Life Drawing

A longer seated pose helps students learn how to start with the correct structure and then add details to the human form.

Adult Oil Painting

Portraits and the northern lights!

Mixed Media

The new semester starts off with a fragrant spring theme. Students pick a variety of spring elements from many resources to create their own unique composition. Then, they use a mixture of acrylic paint, Sharpie pens, palette knives and brushes to make their painting come to life.

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