Andrew McDermott

Andrew McDermott – Senior Instructor & Portfolio Expert

Andrew is the past President of the Federation of Canadian Artists. He was born in England and moved to Canada at a young age. After graduating in Graphic Design with a major in Illustration, he continued his studies toward developing a unique style, winning top awards in both Canada and the US. He was recently awarded the Master Circle Medallion from the International Association of Pastel Societies, presented in New Mexico in 2013. Having many published articles, Andrew is also a popular life/figure drawing instructor at Langara College, the Vancouver Film School and Capilano University, where he also serves as a portfolio admission committee member. Andrew is a senior instructor and one of the Portfolio Expert Team members at AOMA.

著名艺术家,前加拿大艺术家联盟总裁。Andrew 出生于英国博尔顿,早年移民至加拿大。大学平面设计和插画专业毕业后,继续在美国和加拿大两地进修深造,最终形成独树一帜的创作风格,并凭借其作品在北美地区获得许多顶尖奖项。2013年,国际粉蜡笔画协会在美国新墨西哥授予他大师勋章。在创作的同时,Andrew也是一位极具人气教师,在本地多家艺术院校开课讲座和指导学生绘画,并且是卡普兰诺大学作品集评审专家委员会成员。Andrew目前担任AOMA现代艺术设计学院艺术导师以及作品集专家组成员。