Alex King

Alex King is a graduate of the Rhode Island School of Design (RISD). He has a strong foundation of traditional European still life in graphite and acrylic mediums, which influence his contemporary painting practice. His work is an exploration and synthesis of modernism, abstract expressionism, and digital media. Alex has a passion for teaching and a unique ability to inspire and assist students to create highly innovative and conceptual portfolio pieces. Alex is the main Drawing and Painting instructor and one of the Portfolio Expert Team members.

中学毕业于本地著名男校圣乔治学校,本科是罗德岛艺术和设计学院 (RISD) 纯艺专业。Alex的作品集现代、抽象风格和扎实的传统技法为一体,是一位非常有才华和创造力的年轻艺术家。同时他对教学充满热情,擅长发现学生特点,并启发学生创作出极具个人创意性和高度概念性、丰富表现力的艺术作品。他也是每年国际作品集日温哥华地区代表RISD的作品集审阅官。Alex目前担任AOMA现代艺术设计学院艺术导师以及作品集专家组成员。