2022 Canada Youth Visual Art Contest

Announcing Our 2022 CYVAC Winners!

Congratulations to the 2022 CYVAC winners, selected from 557 entries and 10 countries and regions! A total of 4 Grand Prizes, 8 Gold Prizes, 20 Silver Prizes, and 129 Outstanding Artworks were selected. Thanks to all participants, instructors, collaborators, sponsors, and parents!

Excellent Instruction Awards:

Alex King, Akao & Allan, Baoping Chen, Cindy Wu, Eliza Kovacheva-Tsokova, Jiangping Wu, Kari Hong, Kerry Vaughn Erickson, Lin Zhang, Lina Xiao, Liying Chen, Mohadese Movahed, Nina Kuznetsova, Rosana Wu, Sylvia Ro, Ting Sun, 倪一鸣, 姚舜禹.

Outstanding Organization Awards:

Academy of Modern Art, Atelier Akao, Can Art Studio, Miss Wu Art Studio Vancouver, Ms. Li Arts School, POCA Creative Arts, Tumeke Art Studio, Vancouver (Richmond) Art & Drawing Centre, 7AM ART STUDIO, 德国德中影视文化艺术协会, 北京哈妮教育科技有限公司.

The 2022 Canada Youth Visual Art Contest (CYVAC) is hosted by Youth Initiative Vancouver (YIV), and co-organized by Academy of Modern Art (AOMA). The contest aims to encourage multicultural communication and philanthropic endeavors and to discover outstanding artistic and design talents around the world.

This year, we received 557 inspiring entries from 10 countries and regions. The winning art and design pieces were selected by our jury members who include internationally esteemed artists, top university art professors, admissions officers, and renowned senior-level competition judges. Through fundraising and a charity sale featuring winning pieces, $17,383 CAD was raised to benefit BC Children’s Hospital Foundation!


Grand prize winner ($500 Scholarship)
Gold prize winners ($100 Each)
Silver prize winners ($50 Each)
Outstanding Artwork Winner (Certificates)


Letter of congratulations signed by the BC Minister of State for Child Care; Award certificates; Exhibition certificates; Charity donation certificate if the winners’ artwork is sold in the charity sale; Charity Ambassador certificates for those who make special fundraising efforts. “Excellent Instructor” awards will be presented to the tutors whose students who win a “Silver Prize” or above. “Outstanding Organization” awards will be presented to organizations who submit 50 pieces or more.

Age Groups:

Group A: age 5-8
Group B: age 9-12
Group C: age 13-17
Group D: age 18-23


Feb – May 30, 2022
Open to everyone ages 5 – 23

Themes: (Pick one)

Love & Care:

Life is full of challenges, but these challenges can also be opportunities for us to care for, and love each other more as we go through extraordinary and uncertain days together. Especially during the pandemic, love and care have helped us overcome one difficulty after another. Use art to express the warmth you feel for others, whether it’s for your parents, classmates, friends, pets, or even strangers in need.

Climate Change:

Climate change is threatening the survival of humans and millions of species on earth. For example, it causes sea-level rise, resulting in flood risks and imbalance of marine ecology. Let’s use art to record the beauty of the land and the sea, and bring awareness to this issue! We call on everyone to pay attention to global warming caused by climate change, be alert to possible disasters, and cherish and protect our environment.

Show your creativity!

There are no restrictions on the materials used to create the submissions, including but not limited to drawing, painting, illustration, cartoons, animation, short videos, photography, digital art, sculpture, installation art and design pieces such as visual design, fashion design, interior design, user interaction design and architecture design etc. 

The size of 2D work such as painting and design should be clearly photographed and should be no smaller than 20×30 cm and no larger than 40×55 cm. The size of 3D work such as sculpture and installation should be within 60×60×60cm. All pictures should be taken in high definition. Please pay attention to the light when shooting, so as not to include shadows in the final picture. Do not include irrelevant objects or backgrounds in the picture. All submissions should be no smaller than 1MB.

Online submission only. Participants may only submit one artwork each.

Registration & Payment

$30 CAD per entry with $10 of each fee will be donated to BC Children’s Hospital Foundation.

Pay on registration form or use these methods:

A) E-transfer to [email protected]
B) Cash or Cheque dropped off or mailed to AOMA: 2408 W 41 Ave, Vancouver, BC V6M 2A7
C) Paypal – Click Here
D) Alipay & WeChat: use QR code.

If you prefer one of the payment methods listed above, please pay before you fill out your form. Take a screenshot of your confirmation and send it to [email protected] with your full name and birthdate to receive a coupon code. Then go to “Individual Registration Form” to complete your submission.

Credit card payments can be made on our Individual Registration Form directly.

If you cannot fill in the information or upload your artwork here, please download and fill in the PDF version registration form (coming soon), and email it with your artwork to [email protected]

Competition Jury:

Gu Xiong

Gu Xiong is a Professor of Department of Art History, Visual Art, and Theory at the University of British Columbia, was the judge of the National Arts Council of Canada and a multimedia China/Canadian Contemporary artist. His works have been collected by the National Gallery of Canada, the National Art Museum of China and many other museums and individuals, and he has received many commissions from the United States and Canada to create a number of public artworks.

Andrew McDermott

Andrew McDermott is a well-known artist and the President and senior member of the Federation of Canadian Artists. He has been awarded national medals of art many times, and his works have won many top international awards. Andrew has also been a judge for many international art competitions; In 2019, he was invited to be the chairman of The 34th IAPS Juried Exhibition, the world’s most influential pastel contest. He is the only judge who has the right to decide the final 10 winners.

Maureen Garvin

Maureen Garvin is the Dean of the School of Foundation Studies and the School of Fine Arts at Savannah College of Art and Design. Her previous teaching experience includes Penn State, Moore College of Art, Philadelphia University, Trenton State College, and Temple University. Professor Garvin’s studio work includes large oil pastel and mixed media works on paper and canvas.  Her work has been exhibited in Atlanta, Chicago, New York City, and Philadelphia, as well as Beijing, and London. She has presented at FATE, SECAC, and Think Tank as well.

Danielle Coleman

Danielle Coleman is an Admission Officer at OCAD University and an interdisciplinary artist in Canada. Her works have been actively shown in Toronto and across Ontario. Recently, she held a solo exhibition called “A Love To Stay” at the Thames Art Gallery. Coleman continues to pursue development in Museum Studies after graduation from OCAD for accumulating professional knowledge in curation. With her prosperous professional and teaching experiences, she is well aware of the characteristics and enthusiasm of students that OCAD wants to recruit, values creativity and critical-thinking ability. She also teaches at art galleries and colleges and is actively involved in the art publishing industry. 

Will Colpoys

Will Colpoys (he/they) is an NYC-based artist & animator with a BFA in Animation from the School of Visual Arts. They grew up with one foot in rural Upstate New York and the other in Southwest Florida before following their dreams in the Big City. Most recently, they animated on a visualizer for JuiceWRLD and Interscope Records. Will is always eager for the opportunity to connect with other up-and-coming artists. They are excited to be a judge for this year’s competition! 

Endorsement Letters:

Host Organization:

Host Organizer:


Special Assistance:

Charity Partner:

Donate to BC Children’s Hospital Foundation

To donate to BC Children’s Hospital Foundation, you can choose the following donation methods:

1. Visit the BC Children’s Hospital Foundation+ CYVAC Official Donation Website. BC Children’s Hospital Foundation will email you the tax receipt
after your donation.

2. Please click on the contest’s fundraising teams to make a donation. Currently the fundraising groups have : YIV CYVAC Fundraising GroupAndrew, Eva and Ricky Tan (bcchf.ca), Amelie Rösler “Live to Love” (bcchf.ca), and AOMA Family.

Hope everyone can support them! More fundraising groups are welcome to join. The groups that have achieved the fundraising goals can receive an extraordinary “Charity Ambassador” certificate from the Competition Organizing Committee and the BC Children’s Hospital Foundation. 

3. E-transfer to [email protected] 

4. Write a cheque to YOUTH INITIATIVE VANCOUVER SOCIETY. The address is 2408 West 41 Ave, Vancouver, BC, V6M 2A7. 

Please include your name and contact info along with your donation. Contact us at cyvac@aoma.ca or (778) 680-2408 if you would like a donation receipt.