Instructor Bio’s

Jade Su

After graduation from the China Art Academy, Jade worked as a professor, graduate research advisor, and curator for the acclaimed institution. She was also a visiting scholar at Sugino Fashion College, Fashion Institute of Technology, and The Hong Kong Polytechnic University.

As the Project Manager, Jade supervised more than twenty corporate research projects in cooperation with the Ministry of Commerce, China Textile Industry Association, Zhejiang Province Department of Education, Science and Technology Bureau of Hangzhou, Hangzhou Silk Culture and Brand Research Centre. She has hosted various fashion shows for her own collections and received numerous national awards for her designs and research. Her student’s designs won countless awards during fashion weeks in Italy, South Korea, Japan, HongKong, Beijing.

In Vancouver, Jade has successfully curated art shows and exhibitions such as Young Artist in Action(University of British Columbia, Solo Exhibition for Young Artist(Fairleigh Dickinson University, Burgeon(Emily Carr University of Art+Design). She is the Co-Founder and Director of Academy of Modern Art.


George Verphese

George Verghese a senior transformational leader in higher education with over 35 years of combined international experience. His creative and strategic thinking skills led him to hold senior academic executive and administrative roles that achieved great success in private and public institutes. He established the Faculty of Design at Kwantlen Polytechnic University six years ago. He was also the Campus Director of VCAD, the Associate Head of School and Director at UTS (Australia), and the Chair of Interior Design School at Ryerson University. He taught across disciplines at both undergraduate and post-graduate levels in various global centres of design. He is a passionate educator that believes that research and teaching are closely linked, and encourage the students, graduates, and academics to work across disciplines and boundaries.

He is a registered Interior Designer in Ontario (ARIDO) and a member of IIDA (New York). His current doctorate research examines designers’ lived experience of advanced materials. He acts as the Director of Academy Strategy in Academy of Modern Art in Vancouver.

George Verghese在过去的35年里,曾在多家加拿大和澳大利亚的高等教育机构担任学校或学院主管。六年前,他为Kwantlen大学建立了设计学院。他也曾是VCAD的校园主管,悉尼理工大学副校长和Ryerson大学室内设计学院院长。他在全球多家设计类院校教授过多门本科及研究生课程。George是一位热情的教育家,他相信研究和教学是紧密相连的,并鼓励学生和学者们跨越学科界限的合作。他是安大略和纽约的注册室内设计师,目前担任AOMA现代艺术设计学院学科发展主任


Andrew McDermott

Andrew is the past President and a senior member of the Federation of Canadian Artists. Andrew was born in Bolton, England and moved to Canada at a young age. Upon College graduation in Graphic Design and Illustration, he studied and further refined his own unique style, winning top awards in both Canada and the US. His most recent is the Master Circle Medallion for the International Association of Pastel Societies, presented in New Mexico in 2013.

Andrew has many published articles, including The Artist Magazine 25 under 40, International Artist, The Artist UK, Magazine Art, and the Pastel Journal. Andrew is a popular workshop Instructor and gives demos and lessons at many educational facilities. He is a life/figure drawing Instructor for the Illustration department at Capilano University, Langara College, and for the 3D Animation department at the Vancouver Film school.


Roger Mitchell

Roger Mitchell is currently the Head of Electronic Art, Game Design and Mobile Game Design Programs at VCAD. He is also the founder and Art Director at TigerShark Studios. By starting his career in the early 1990s, Roger released 16 games commercially, 10 of which were ranked at ‘AAA’ standard. He has worked with top industry designers at EA UK, EA Canada, Koei Japan, Bullfrog and Psygnosis.

Roger is an experienced 3D art, animation program Instructor and 3D Games Artist who develops multimedia projects. He is specializing in curriculum analysis and art course creation. Roger has instructed over 1000 students in 7 years. His students have successfully created new game studios or been employed by every major game studio in Europe, Asia and North America.

Roger Mitchell是VCAD的电子艺术、游戏设计和移动游戏设计的项目负责人。他也是TigerShark工作室的创始人及艺术总监。90年代初Roger以开发16款游戏开始他的职业生涯,其中10款游戏达到业界最高级“AAA”标准。Roger曾在英国和加拿大的艺电(EA)和日本光荣(代表游戏《三国志》、《大航海时代》)等顶级游戏设计室工作。

Huang Binbin

At the age of 18, Huang Binbin became a student of Sun Jianyun, the master of Imitation Painting at The Palace Museum is Beijing, and studied with him for 8 years. Huang specialized in meticulous paintings of ladies as well as landscape paintings. Shortly after, Huang studied decorative art and design for five years while working as a lecturer in school.

After graduation, she taught sketching, colour composition, painting, and graphic design courses, as well as large-scale frescoes, landscapes and portraits, and modern techniques of Chinese and Western painting.

After immigration to Canada, Huang’s paintings were collected and displayed in the Netherlands, France, and Canada. In 2011 Huang established a health studio, and in 2012, the Depression Rehabilitation painting studio. In 2014, 15, 16, Huang served as the Vice President of the organizing committee in the China International Animation Festival painting competition.


Nicholas Waissbluth

Nicholas Waissbluth is Nicholas is an adjunct professor at UBC School of Architecture (SALA) , portfolio instructor at AOMA, regular guest critic and member of graduate thesis committees. an Architect and principal of Waissbluth Architecture (W/A). He completed his studies in Architecture at Carleton University and postgraduate research in Barcelona at the Institute for Advanced Architecture of Catalonia (IAAC). Nicholas is actively involved in academic and critical discourse, having lectured at various conferences and academic institutions on the subject of digital architecture and community engagement. He has also received grants from organizations including IDEO and Canada Council for the Arts for his research.

Nicholas Waissbluth,UBC建筑系教授,研究生毕业论文答辩委员会成员,同时也是AOMA现代艺术学院作品集辅导专家组成员。毕业于加拿大Carleton大学建筑系后,Nicholas 赴巴塞罗那加泰罗尼亚高等建筑学院(IAAC)深造。多年来一直活跃在建筑学术和研究领域,曾在多个学术会议和机构开设相关建筑讲座,在世界各地设计并搭建公共艺术装置,在建筑设计实际应用、理论研究和教学方面都有丰富经验,并拥有个人建筑设计事务所。


Kerry Vaughn Erickson

Kerry Vaughn Erickson is a painter and teacher who lives and works in Victoria BC. He is best known for his portraits and urban landscape paintings. At the beginning of his career, Kerry worked as a draughtsman, a graphic designer and illustrator. It was his experience in the commercial realm of art – having to clearly communicate a specific message and imbue it with feeling that helped him develop his representational and uniquely expressive style. Kerry has been teaching beginner to advanced painting since 2001, and has worked with various ateliers, schools and painting groups, including the Vancouver Art Guild, the Richmond Art Guild, West Point Grey Academy, and most recently Fortune Gallery in Victoriaʼs Chinatown.

KerryBC省维多利亚市一位非常资深的画家和艺术教师。他最擅长肖像画和城市风景画。Kerry早期从事制图员、平面设计师和插画家的工作,研究如何在作品中清晰表达特定信息,使之充满感情,同时提升作品的商业价值。Kerry这一独特的艺术表达风格受到了业界和绘画学生的一致认可。从2001年起,Kerry受聘于多家艺术学院(如VCAD)、私立中学 (WPGA) 及画室,指导各个程度的学生绘画,累计了丰富的教学经验。Kerry目前担任AOMA现代艺术学院油画和素描色彩课程的老师。

Greg Stainton

Greg Stainton has been creating character animation for the film production industry since 1994. He worked as a character animator at various studios in Toronto before coming to Vancouver in 1996 and worked 3 years as an animator for Walt Disney’s (former) Vancouver studio. He played a major role in character designing for Beauty and the Beast, The Little Mermaid II and Winnie the Pooh. The characters he created are humorous and dynamic. Greg also worked on various productions for Bardel, Atomic, Studio B (now DHX Media), and Carbunkle studios. He has been teaching the Fun for Cartooning summer program at St. George’s for 9 consecutive years and is wildly popular among students.

毕业于拥有北美顶级动画专业的Sheridan学院传统动画制作专业,先后任职于多伦多的几个著名动画工作室。1996年移居温哥华之后,在迪士尼(前)温哥华工作室工作了3年, 在“美女与野兽”、“小美人鱼II”、“小熊维尼”等著名动画电影中担任动画制作人。此外,Greg还参与Bardel,Atomic, 和 Carbunkle工作室的多部动画片和卡通片的制作。Greg 连续9年在顶级私立贵族学校圣乔治的夏季课程中教授Fun For Cartooning,在学生中广受欢迎。


Zoli Chan

Blessed with an inquisitive nature and a fundamental drive to design space in the purest level, Zoli combines his visualization skill with more than a decade experience to create indoor and out door environment that deeply resonate. It was at a young age, while dreaming up his own creations for his father’s garden business that he witnessed the power that design has to provoke profound emotion. Rapidly transcending his expressive sketches as interior designer and to the candidate of Master program of Architect and Landscape Zoli resolute with a desire to reimagine the interdisciplinary practice through concept-driven narratives.

Being a part of his pleasure and proud as the instructor in AOMA, Zoli is in keen to share his drawing skills with the teenage students and help them illustrate their perspective and rendering from blank to flourish.



Arkgo Chen

Arkgo Chen, is an architecture masters student at the University of British Columbia with a passion for visual communication and urban ecology. As a Vancouverite, he is strongly inspired by his surroundings, which consists of divine nature and vibrant culture. This inspiration always informs his experience with architecture – the dialogue between the physical materials and formless emotion. Thus, to capture these two elements in space, he often uses photography and drawings. This in turn motivated him to travel extensively to experience architecture to capture. His visit to Teshima Art Museum in Japan was a critical architectural inspiration – it is a space that came into being as something that goes back to nature as it is. He came to realize that the work of architecture is to contribute back to the surrounding environment, to re-discover an identity to which it belongs, to re-establish experience that evokes memories, and to recall that “design” is to solve problems of the age. Arkgo is now a young contracting designer and assistant portfolio instructor in AOMA.

加拿大英属哥伦比亚大学建筑系硕士,研究方向为多媒体感官建筑与社会可持续性发展设计。其毕业作品融合了感官科技、人文艺术和环境,曾刊登于杂志与多媒体平台 。 Arkgo曾在温哥华当地与台湾著名建筑师事务所实习并担任建筑设计师,在校是建筑系学生联盟 Architecture Connections 会长,现为AOMA现代艺术学院青年签约设计师。

Cara Bain

Cara Bain is a painter, illustrator, graphic designer and art teacher based in East Vancouver. She has a Bachelor’s Degree in Visual Communication from Capilano University and 12 years of fine art experience. This includes participation in solo exhibitions and group shows through local galleries and with the Open Book Art Collective, of which she is a member. Her passion for community art projects has led her to curate and mount Cultivate, an art and poetry exhibition, and to co-design and help coordinate the Nest Community Mural, a mural painted by residents of the Downtown Eastside of Vancouver. Cara works with a variety of subject-matter and materials including pencil, charcoal, pastel, acrylics, oil paints, and digital art. Known especially for the unexpected colours and expressiveness of her portraits, her work encourages viewers to find intrinsic beauty in everything they see.